The offices of The Panacea Charitable Trust

The Archives

When the Panacea Society was active, it collected a vast amount of material relating both to its own history and practices, as well as those of earlier groups they affiliated themselves to.

Over recent years, the material has been catalogued and the Panacea Charitable Trust is currently conserving and digitising the collection to make them more readily available for academic research.

The Charity possesses three unique historical archives:

1)  The Panacea Society Collection  which consists of an extensive number or records relating to the Panacea Society, its members, their interests and their wider historical period.

2)  The Joanna Southcott Collection which consists of a collection of manuscript sources and rare books relating to the Southcottian prophetic and millenarian religious traditions from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A large number of items within the Southcott Collection have been digitised and are available on this page.

3)  The Healing Collection  which consists of correspondence records of the Panacea Society’s international healing ministry.

Further information on each of the above collections can be found by clicking on the links above.