J Southcott 1824 etching

Joanna Southcott

old box

The box which contains Joanna Southcott’s prophecies.

The Southcott Collection

The Southcott Collection consists of a large collection of printed and manuscript sources on all of the nineteenth-century prophetic movements founded by Brothers, Southcott, and others who claimed to be Southcott’s successor. This material complements Southcottian collections in the British Library, Princeton University Library and the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin.

The archive includes many original and later editions of the published prophecies of Southcottian figures, some extremely rare. In addition, bound collections of pamphlets, loose broadsides and other printed ephemera survive from various periods of the nineteenth century. An extensive collection of manuscript notebooks of Southcott’s unpublished prophecies, collated by nineteenth-century followers, contains unique material. Large manuscript letter collections, predominantly relating to Southcottian groups post-1815, are also filed. The archive includes all sixteen volumes of the published Works of Zion Ward.

This archive has accumulated in Bedford as a result of members of the Panacea Society donating their own family collections of Southcottian material; the Panacea Society’s own acquisition of letter collections including other materials from fellow Southcottians; and the Trust’s more recent purchase of Southcottian archives sold at auction.

Further details of the archives held by the Trust can be found by clicking on the links below:

Southcottian manuscripts

Southcottian manuscripts, by date

Southcottian archives of printed material, by author

In the past, the Southcott Collection has been  used for research purposes as part of the Oxford University Prophecy Project.

A large number of items within the Southcott Collection have been digitised. Below are document containing links to Volumes 1-7 of the Southcott Collection, Southcottian and Post-Southcottian Materials, Richard Brothers Materials and George Turner Materials

Southcott Volumes 1-7 – Downloadable media

Southcott and Post-Southcottian Materials

Richard Brothers Materials

George Turner Materials

Researchers wishing to obtain access to any other copies of archive material are required to send a written application to the Trust’s Executive Officer.    All requests must be supported by an explanation of the purpose of the research. You will be asked to provide identification in the form of driving license/passport and institutional identification.