A selection of PhD thesis completed with the help of grants awarded by the Charity.


Artifacts within the healing archive. A post doctoral research grant was recently awarded to Cambridge University to research these archives.


The Charity started its grant making activities in 2001, and since that time has made a number of grants to both local and national organisations, basing its award criteria on the two areas of education, and poverty, sickness and social support.

Since its inception the Trust has become more pro-active in ensuring that its grant making funds clearly match the criteria of the Charity’s aims and objectives.

Education grants are awarded in two main areas:

  • through supporting research projects at various UK universities
  • by sponsoring, or supporting, academic conferences

In each case the funding was based on an assessment of the application in the light of how well the subject matter of the work fitted in with the trustees’ interpretation of the Charity’s aims. The Trust’s grant awards have been mainly in the area  of historical theology, and in particular work in the following areas: Prophecy, the Book of Revelation, The Second Coming of Christ, Jewish apocalyptic literature and Christian theology, Millennialism and Christian millenarian movements.

Please note, the Charity no longer considers applications from individual PhD candidates. All educational grants are assessed and awarded directly by the Panacea Charitable Trust, taking expert advice as and where necessary. 


Poverty, sickness and social related grants are designated to support Bedford and its surrounding local community across a broad range of initiatives and recipients, to provide a range of valuable work and support in the area. Please note that any grant request that does not wholly relate to work specific to Bedford and its surrounding area will not be considered.

The Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation working in partnership with Community and Voluntary Service Bedfordshire manage the Trust’s non-educational grant making activities. Details of the Panacea Charitable Trust grant funding scheme, including information on how to apply for funding, are available from either organisation. With this arrangement now in place, funding requests should no longer be sent direct to the Panacea Charitable Trust.