A selection of archives from The Healing Collection

The Healing Collection

Members of The Panacea Society discovered what they believed was a method of divine healing: a means of transforming ordinary tap-water into a complete curative substance through the transference of the spiritual powers of Octavia, their divine leader.  In practice, this entailed Octavia praying and breathing on rolls of white linen material, which were then cut into small, individual one-inch pieces, or ‘sections’, to be placed in water to drink.

These linen sections were sent to any individual applying for divine healing, free-of-charge, with the proviso, that they regularly report back to the Society on how they were doing   The archives within this collection contains the records of over 130,000 from all over the world, who applied for the squares and subsequently reported on their effects.

This particular collection offers truly unique insights into the personal perceptions of human health on a global scale.

The archive was recently used for research purposes by Cambridge University.